The advantages of polyurethane moulded products

March 20, 2014
The advantages of polyurethane moulded products

Even if you don’t notice them, you are seeing polyurethanes just about everywhere – on the chairs at home and in restaurants, inside your bed, in many appliances inside your house, and in many parts of the car you drive. There are so many items that we use every day that most likely contain polyurethanes.

Polyurethane is a kind of multipurpose elastomer used in a lot of applications in many parts of the world. A number of polyurethane’s mechanical properties can be separated and manipulated using various chemical applications. These chemical processes can pave the way for many distinct opportunities that can provide solutions with performance features that would be hard to match if use other materials. Some have already created precision urethane that has proven to be very useful in many industries.

Polyurethane is frequently erroneously mistaken as plastic, and to finally clear things up, it isn’t. Polyurethane is an artificial resin where polymer units are conjoined by urethane groups. The material is used mainly as ingredients for various items such as varnishes, paints, foams, and bonding agents. It is often grouped with rubbers since they are both elastomers.

Modern vehicle bumpers, electrical and telecommunication equipment housing panels are just some of the items produced using polyurethanes using RIM or reaction injection moulding. The RIM process is able to make parts that cannot be attained with other injection moulding procedures like for instance compressed inners and foamed cores. Polyurethane parts are heat resistant that is why they can be used as thermal insulation. Aside from its dimensional stability, polyurethane also has a high level of dynamic features.

Since polyurethane mouldings are emptied into a mould, even the most intricate designs can be achieved, something that cannot be done with wood mouldings. And that is why polyurethane mouldings are the usual choice of modern homeowners for more classical shapes, lines and motifs. Of course, some difficult designs can still be done with wood mouldings but you have to pay handsome price because good wood carvers are now hard to find.

Plus, mouldings made of polyurethane are more stable than wood. It does not shrink or twist like wood. Plus, polyurethane is absolutely waterproof, it does not absorb water which means you can stop worrying about mildew and rot which can both happen with wood. Unlike wood, it does not crack, dry out, warp, splinter and it is definitely more economical than having wood milled and carved. And because it is waterproof, it can be used in outdoor and indoor applications. Because it is lightweight, it is so uncomplicated to install. Once installed, it is ready for staining or painting.