Combined decades of experience were sadly lost.
Father and Son visited the gates of heaven, and crossed.

Inventors of the first polyurethane spin caster in the world.
Altona Rifle Club and Altona Cricket Club legends.
They will be remembered for their massive community contributions, with a legacy that will last generations.

To quote (verbatim) Darren over the phone in hard negotiations:
No, I can’t make it come down any further. Yeah we’re a little dearer, but our quality speaks for itself.

And it did.

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Darren Worthing – Managing Director
It’s often been said that Ken’s son Darren was born with liquid elastomer running through his veins.
From early days, Darren gained his skills on the shop floor by casting thousands of kilos of polyurethane and working in the technical machining areas.
Today with certification in business development and plastics and polyurethane rubber selection, Darren is fully equipped to discuss complete specifications on your project.
He also travels extensively all around Australia to visit our clients, especially in the WA mining industry.
Darren is at his happiest leaning over a planning table discussing with clients the various applications for our products.
Mobile: 0412 639 117.



Ken Worthing – Former Managing Director, Retired

When Ken started Engineering Plastics back in 1972 the field of polyurethane plastics was little known and definitely under-utilised within Australia. A pioneer in the industry with formidable experience, Ken will be missed as he enjoys his retirement, but leaves the role to his more than capable son, Darren