Industrial Rubber Supplies

Rubber is an excellent material that’s well-suited to many different technical applications. Engineering Plastics is among the best in the business in terms of providing a one-stop shop for all your industrial rubber supplies. We often ask our clients why they would buy from resellers when they can buy direct from the manufacturer. Furthermore, why buy something you might need to modify when you can have a component such as a rubber gasket custom fabricated at very competitive rates?

Our Materials

Our range of industrial rubber supplies comprises of mouldings, extrusions, sheeting and gaskets in all rubbers and polyurethane rubbers, including natural neoprene, nitriles, EPDMs, Vitons synthetic rubber and Silcons silicone. Each of these materials has different physical properties. In fact, our rubber components are often used in critical areas where they are called upon to perform various complex functions. We know our products can be depended on when you need them the most!

Get in Touch Today

Let us know the details of your requirements and we can recommend a polyurethane rubber for you, whether it’s for a rubber gasket or any other industrial rubber supplies. Our skilled engineering team can design, draw and manufacture any component from the simplest of washers to an intricate seal.

Call us today to discuss our polyurethane rubber products with one of our experts. We have years of experience and will gladly explore your options at length to find the best solution for your equipment.