Rebonding of Forklift Wheels and Castor Wheels

Fully Recovered Forklift Wheels

Forklift wheels for freezer application fully recovered. Why buy new when you can recover you old.

Rebonding of Forklift Wheels and Castor Wheels

Lifting is only one of the essential movements required by forklifts. It’s also critical that they are able to safely transport a load from one area to another, necessitating the use of reliable forklift wheels. The same idea rings true for other items on wheels, with heavy duty castors required to ensure safe and effective operation.

It is always a problem getting the right grade when forklift re-tyring or castor wheel rebonding, reducing flat spots and cracking. Here at Engineering Plastics, we have the right material for you.

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Our range of heavy duty castors and polyurethane wheels can be custom designed for your machinery. We provide a vast selection of wheel types and services, including the supply of industrial polyurethane dryer wheels that will outlast most rubber wheels, rebonding of scissor lift tyres with polyurethane, and replacement of any castor wheels.

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