Polyurethane Moulding

Cable Slide Guides

Cable Slide Guides used for truck tarps. As they are made from polyurethane they prevent the truck body’s wearing out

Polyurethane Moulding

Engineering Plastics is a leading supplier of polyurethane moulding products and in-house tooling. From cable slide guides and concrete pattern stamps through to moulded stock rods and more, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you need within our range.

Available Products

At Engineering Plastics, we have no shortage of polyurethane moulding products for you to choose from. These include:

  • Cable Slide Guides – Made from polyurethane, these are used for truck tarps and can prevent the body of a truck from wearing out.
  • Train Brake Wheels – These train brake wheels are made out of polyurethane. They outlast steel 5 to 1 and are used on iron ore trucks in WA.
  • Shot Crete Nozzles – Shotcrete spray nozzles have a great life span because they’re made from polyurethane. The Shotcrete rebounds, causing less wear in the nozzle.
  • Safety Handles – These are used on concrete mixing trucks and are made with bright colouring for safety reasons.
  • Concrete Pattern Stamps – We have many designs to choose from. The polyurethane is long lasting and releases easily off the concrete.
  • Moulded Stock Rod – Polyurethane moulding stock rod used for bushings. We have sizes from 6mm to 100mm on the shelf, but we can make other sizes on request. Spun cast sheets are also available in size 1750×600.
  • 3 Hardness Polyurethane – We have designed 3-hardness polyurethane. This can be used for almost any application where wear is an issue and flexibility is needed.

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Engineering Plastics is one of the best polyurethane moulding companies you can find. Contact us today for more information and further assistance.

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