Polyurethane & Rubber Gasket Materials

Large Gaskets

Large gaskets out of polyurethane cut from our new water cutter which helps reduce tooling costs

Polyurethane & Rubber Gasket Materials

Gaskets are critical for machinery in a variety of industries, including mining, transport and agriculture. These mechanical seals are able to prevent leakage and fill the space between two services when they do not match up perfectly. They must be able to stand up to extreme pressure and maintain their integrity under compression, so the polyurethane gasket materials used are vital.

At Engineering Plastics, we use a variety of polyurethane gasket materials to ensure the highest quality and longest lasting products. Our plastics come in a range of hardness classes, allowing us to find the right piece for your machinery. We use materials such as EPDM, polyurethane, Silicon, Vitons synthetic rubber and many more. We strive to find the right rubber or polyurethane foam gasket material for your equipment to optimise its potential.

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For more information on our rubber and polyurethane foam gasket materials, call us on (03) 9369 2577 or send an email to enquiries@engplastics.com.au for a detailed list of products. Our friendly team bring years of experience to the job and are able to answer any questions you may have. Speak to them today to organise a quote from us or to find out what polyurethane gasket materials and sizes we recommend for your machinery.

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