9001-9028 australian standards

We have a quality control system we in place where every job that is ordered has paper work assigned to it for the following.

  1. Customer order number and description of the product they have ordered.This includes any drawings that go along with the job to production.
  2. Material specification which will have batch numbers used
  3. Any other materials used for the job
  4. Procedure for the job, if for example it required grit blasting and bonding with steel. If it did require bonding, then that procedure for the job would be noted on the paperwork by the person(s) doing the job.
  5. Once the job is completed the processor will sign off the above and include a cure date if applicable to the material
  6. Qa check . Then the person(s) will check over the product making sure of sizing,material used is correct colour is correct and hardness is correct if polyurethane or rubber was part of the job and then it will be ticked off ready for dispatch and invoicing.
  7. All paper work will be put together with the job and a conformity letter will go with the goods stating that the job has been made to the standard of the order and the procedures
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