Identifying quality elastomer products

November 11, 2013
Identifying quality elastomer products

When doing research into ways to acquire a needed elastomer product, it is quickly clear that there are a plethora of sources and products to fit almost any application. What is far less obvious is how to determine which among these products is an actual quality product. When dealing with elastomer products, the key to finding a quality product is identifying a quality manufacturer. There are several characteristics to consider when seeking a quality elastomer manufacturer.

The first key ingredient that goes into a quality rubber product is the materials available. A good manufacturer of elastomer products will be able to work with a variety of materials to create the product to perform as well as possible and be as durable as possible.

Once it has been determined that a variety of quality materials are available to create the product, the next element of a quality manufacturer is an in house design team. When designing a quality product, it is simple logic that the more companies involved in the manufacture process, the greater the chance that something will go wrong and adversely affect the end result. One of the areas where this is most likely to occur is design. There are many deliberate or accidental mistakes that can occur when companies collaborate in manufacture. Maybe the best material for the product is slightly more expensive than a similar material. In such cases, it is hardly unheard of for the supplier to attempt to substitute the cheaper and less effective material. What if there is a minor revision in the design of the end product? In such cases, it is quite common for the actual fabricator to miss the update and churn out product that is unacceptable. The design team is the lynchpin of the entire manufacture process. While mistakes are possible in every manufacturing structure, having every step occur under one roof increases the odds of the end result being quality.

The last identifier of a quality elastomer manufacturer is expertise. While account reps from any company will attempt to sell anyone on the firm’s qualifications to create a good product, the real world proof of this is the fact that professionals in demanding fields use the products. A power drill made for and used by a professional builder will likely cost several times as much as one made for general home repairs. The difference is that the manufacturer’s expertise has been recognized by professionals whose livelihood depends on the quality of the product. In similar fashion, rubber product manufacturers whose products are actually being used in industrial applications are far more likely to pass this test.

While there is a certain uncertainty in the quality of any product, to maximize the odds of getting a good elastomer product, find a good elastomer producer.