Dogbone Rollers

January 18, 2021
Dogbone Rollers

Dogbone Rollers are a versatile production line tool, quite literally carrying a lot of our industry along.
From boat trailer guides to various pipe-making feeds, to practically anything you can imagine needing a safe guided path through the factory line.

Pictured is a strip and recoat job, destined for concrete pipe-making in P90a red.
Nothing beats polyurethane for wear resistance against the abrasive concrete, while also providing a shock absorbing cushion to prevent breakage.
Alas all products do eventually wear, but a recoat is always cheaper than fabrication of a new roller.

The benefits of polyurethane for your Dogbone rollers include:

  • Reduced initial setup and replacement cost.
  • Product protection from damage on the line.
  • Durability well past the lifetime of other roller materials such as rubber.

It’s clear that polyurethane is a winner in every aspect within the Dogbone roller market.