Custom rubber and plastics solutions for your business

March 20, 2015
Custom rubber and plastics solutions for your business

A solid business model, one that generates repeat trade, targets problem solving, the creation of precision-crafted solutions. In the engineering plastics sector, this challenging practice is allied with made-to-measure products as selected from graded plastics. In short, these graded products are expertly manufactured end-of-cycle rubber and plastics commodities that address all client specifications. Form and function is shaped by collaborative efforts. Issues that arise mid-process are tackled by polyurethane centred answers, and finalized projects take shape as rigid synthetics and rubber-like elastomers. Each answer comes with endless repeatability and intelligently integrated physical properties that support incredible diversity. Indeed, the project takes form from this elegant process, a series of tooled steps that resolve client needs through technical prowess.

The one postscript that prompts a revision of this business model is the level of competition that exists between polymer chemists, meaning many international plastics companies operate on this high-profile plane, which prompts us to speculate what unique factor or factors lifts a profit-making engineering plastics operation above others in this aggressive industrial environment.

Diversified but Also Fully Integrated

The terms seem to sit in polar opposition to each other, but the ability to stop, re-evaluate the market, and adapt to change is a critical element when building a successful plastics facility. Polymers are changing all the time, diverging into new classes with stronger properties that can challenge any alloy. To be placed in the vanguard of this movement, the plastics solution in question embraces current polyurethane usage but also takes the practice to the next logical step, developing new uses for solid plastic products and, likewise, a wide range of super-flexible synthetic rubber constructs.

Serving Your Needs Before All Else

Diversification is a major attribute, but we believe that far-reaching attribute should be matched by core skills. In the case of Engineering Plastics, those central areas are defined by a broad range of mining solutions, parts that are fabricated to be Australian-tough. These include components that have been tested in the fiery heart of high-capacity mining and quarrying operations. The environment here is highly abrasive and only the toughest polymers can withstand the coarse impact, thus funnelling wet slurry and fine aggregate forward. Acting as the foundation that drives new branches of custom-fabrication, the Engineering Plastics business model has already been tested and approved for the mining industry and continues to expand, delivering solution-based results every time.

Proactive and fully determined to analyse customer data before ever initiating a project, we establish energetic communications channels that exemplify end of sale commitment. Our engineering workshops have now moved into many key industrial markets. We manufacture the long-lasting rollers that carry your business, the gaskets and seals, the bushes and mining screens. Indeed, the momentum established by Engineering Plastics is accelerating into the future and tackling the automotive and aeronautical issues of tomorrow.