Custom Fabricated Rubber Parts by Engineering Plastics

March 9, 2015
Custom Fabricated Rubber Parts by Engineering Plastics

It takes the accumulation of specialized industry knowledge to form the underpinnings of a solid customization base. This is a self-evident truth that applies to every profession and every craft, an unequivocal reality that we apply to the fabrication of high-quality rubber components.

Custom-manufactured rubber parts that are made to the exacting Engineering Plastics standard are tailor made through the infusion of a long list of specifications. Those component characteristics begin with material selection and classification, factors that define the attributes of the part, and end with a machined repeatability pipeline, a process that includes the initial stage prototype design, the modelling of the part in software simulation environments, and a scaled testing environment. This is a cyclical process, meaning adaptations and modifications are entered into the prototype to account for elastomer alterations and the incorporation of physical changes, including dimension alterations and functionality changes to the basic structure of the part.

The real world challenges involved in manufacturing a custom-designed rubber part require this approach to establish a realistic workflow, a format that’s cost-effective and able to adapt to fluctuating demands. One example is the petitioning of a customer to update a rubber mining screen to handle a greater load. While alternate screen media is readily available, the Engineering Plastics modus operandi means always being prepared for emerging industries and the transient changes of existing production lines. In short, if you don’t own the part and can’t find it on the market, we’ll build it for you.

Getting the custom fabricated process rolling can be as simple as receiving a CAD schematic from your design office or as all-encompassing as setting up a short-run production line. The key step in kicking the work into high gear is in realizing that the design isn’t finalized until the client accepts the work as complete. Several revisions may be needed to get to this point, but that’s all part of the problem solving perspective Engineering Plastics adopts when adapting an existing rubber part, retrofitting an older part to handle new duties, and creating new parts from scratch.

Finally, we advocate finite control over rubber selection. There’s no mediators or wholesale market dealers to handle when a company has a direct conduit to the manufacturer. Engineering Plastics, as a company, keeps prices all the way down and versatile fabrication up high by nurturing this connection. We see the big picture, the roots of the tree where we communicate with our manufacturers to choose the right material for your project and the subdividing branches where our department heads work with your engineers to turn a prototype into a marketable product. Purpose-fit from custom-made, your rubber parts are guaranteed to meet and likely exceed their design specifications.