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High quality belt scrapers will give you long life in those difficult areas

Conveyor Components

When it comes to conveyor components, even a minor fault has the potential to cause issues with the entire system and slow down work exponentially.
Particularly with bulk material handling, conveyor belts are an essential part of getting items from one place to another in a range of industries, including food processing, manufacturing, agriculture and mining.
Engineering Plastics is able to create individual conveyor components from primary, secondary, and return belt cleaners (and caps) as well as a complete conveyor belt cleaner system to help ensure your equipment doesn’t get damaged by a build up of grime.

Our Materials

We make use of the highest quality raw materials, manufactured and sourced in Australia. Our plastics are polyurethane and come in over 600 available grades of hardness, from 10 Shore A to Shore D hardness. These materials allow us to consistently produce heavy duty conveyor belt scrapers that easily meet Australian standards and exceed client expectations.
Including dual colour scraper blades for an easier visual indicator of wear from a distance – a highly regarded safety improvement for live machine inspection.

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