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Since 1972, our family owned company has produced some of the finest examples of polyurethane components within Australia, and the clients we service include some of the biggest industrial names around. We have specialised over the years in the manufacturing of Polyurethane elastomeric products. We have expanded our versatility by introducing new product lines and services. These include a variety of Structural (hard) Plastics; Commercial Grade Elastomers (Rubbers) and Industrial Composite materials. We look forward to hearing from you soon


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Engineering Plastics is a company with complete drawing and design, engineering, tooling and  fabrication capabilities. We can handle all jobs too, whether they come with big or small specs attached. This means you can count on us as a true one-stop shop, geared to saving you valuable time and production costs. We take great pride in manufacturing products ranging in weight from 10 grams up to 400 kilos, and from 10A to 80D hardness grades. Our production facilities also work in UHMWPE thermoset plastics, high performing nylons, acrylics, polycarbonates, and rubber materials..